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 Ice thickness sounded by ground penetrating radar on the Meikuang Glacier in the Eastern Kunlun Mountains


  • Received:2017-08-29 Revised:2017-10-05 Online:2018-03-09
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摘要: 基于20155月东昆仑山煤矿冰川冰厚测量资料,结合2015Landsat8 OLI影像,利用Ordinary Kriging插值方法对冰川非测厚区进行插值计算,绘制了该冰川厚度等值线并对该冰川冰储量进行了估算。2015年煤矿冰川最大厚度为87 m,位于海拔4 952 m主流线附近,平均厚度为25.77 m,冰储量为0.0242 km3。利用煤矿冰川冰面地形图与冰厚度分布图,获得该冰川冰床地形图。结果显示,冰川上宽下窄沿山谷分布,冰床地形复杂,在冰厚较大区域,地形呈近“V”字分布,显示了冰斗冰川的形貌特征。

关键词: 探地雷达(GPR), 煤矿冰川, 东昆仑山, 冰川厚度, 冰储量

Abstract: Glacier is an important surface water resources in Northwest China. However, due to lack of measured glacier ice thickness data, the ice reserve estimation of glacier has varying degree of indeterminacy. In May of 2015, ice thickness of the Meikuang Glacier on the Eastern Kunlun Mountains was sounded by a pulse EKKO PRO Ground Penetrating Radar system (with a 100 MHz antenna), with five short transversal profiles and one long longitudinal profile. Based on the GPR data, GPS position of the sounding point, SRTM DEM data (30 meters) and Landsat8 OLI image in 2015, the Meikuang Glacier was seperated a sounded area from the whole glacier field. Ice thickness contour map was drawn by Ordinary Kriging method and ice reserve was calculated by integration of thickness and boundary distribution data under the support of GIS technology. The sounding showed that the maximum thickness was 87 meters at 4 952 meters elevation, near to the main flow line. It was found that in 2015 the glacierized area, average thickness and total ice reserve of the glacier was 0.95 km2, 25.77 meters and 0.0242 km3, respectively. Based on raster map of the glacier surface and ice thickness, the topography of glacier bed was obtained. The results show that the glacier is wide in the upper part and narrow along the valley, and the glacier bed is complex. In the area with larger thickness, the topography has near V-shape, showing the morphological characteristics of cirque glacier. 

Key words: ground penetrating radar (GPR), Meikuang Glacier, Eastern Kunlun Mountains, ice thickness, ice volume