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齐翠姗, 何元庆, 王世金, 何则, 石晓非, 史晓宜   

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The classification and comprehensive assessment of the geological  relics resources in Mt. Yulong National Geopark


  • Received:2017-04-24 Revised:2017-07-04 Online:2018-03-14
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摘要: 通过文献综述和多次野外考察,依据国土资源部针对地质遗迹印发的最新分类标准,对玉龙雪山地质公园内地质遗迹资源进行分类,并运用层次分析法与综合评估方法对地质遗迹资源亚类进行评价。结果表明:地质公园内地质遗迹资源可分为地质剖面、地质构造、地貌景观、环境地质遗迹景观、水体景观5个大类、9个类、15个亚类;评价因子权重文化属性>自然属性,科研价值=科普价值>美学价值>经济社会价值>典型性>稀有性>系统性>历史文化价值>自然性;地质遗迹资源亚类划分为三级,其中有I级地质遗迹亚类4个、II8个、III3个。总体上,玉龙雪山国家地质公园内地质遗迹类型多样且保存完整,以河流地貌和构造地质遗迹为主要代表、以冰川地质遗迹为主要特色。地质遗迹资源丰富、普遍品质高,有极高的科研、科普价值,尤其是地学方面的研究意义重大。通过对玉龙雪山国家地质公园地质遗迹评价,为地质公园内地质遗迹资源保护和可持续发展提供基础资料和参考。

关键词: 地质遗迹, 定量评价, 玉龙雪山, 地质公园

Abstract: According to the literature review, field investigations and the latest taxonomy on geological relics issued by the Ministry of Land and Resources in 2016, the geological relics of the geological park at Mt. Yulong were classified into several types. Additionally, the methods of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Comprehensive Assessment are also applied for the evaluation of sub-classified geoheritages. Accordingly, the geoheritages in the park can be classified into five categories, including geological profile, geological structure, physiognomy landscape, environment geological relics and water landscape, 9 classes and 15 subclasses. Moreover, the weight of evaluation factor decreased in the following order: Cultural attribute > Natural quality, Scientific value = Popular science value > Aesthetic value > Economic and social value > Typical > Rarity > Systematicness > Historical and cultural value > Naturalness. In addition, the subclass geological relic resources were divided into three grades, including 4 in Level I, 8 in Level II and 3 in Level III. Generally, the geological relics in national geopark at Mt. Yulong was characterized by multi-types and well preserved. It also recognized that fluvial geomorphology and tectonic landform are predominant in the park, and the most typical geological relics belong to the glacial landforms. The geoheritages with rich types are of high quality and great significance for scientific research and popularization, particularly for the geoscience research. Moreover, the evaluation of geoheritages in Mt. Yulong Geopark can provide a basis and reference for reasonable protection and sustainable uses of the geological relic resources.

Key words: geological relics, quantitative evaluation, Mt. Yulong, geopark


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