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冰川冻土 ›› 2014, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (4): 895-901.doi: 10.7522/j.issn.1000-0240.2014.0107

• 冻土模型与冻土物理力学性质 • 上一篇    下一篇


王文丽1,2, 王兰民2, 王谦2   

  1. 1. 兰州大学 土木工程与力学学院, 甘肃 兰州 730000;
    2. 中国地震局 兰州地震研究所, 甘肃 兰州 730000
  • 收稿日期:2014-03-03 修回日期:2014-06-11 出版日期:2014-08-25 发布日期:2014-08-23
  • 作者简介:王文丽(1981-),女,山西清徐人,助理研究员,2008年在中国科学院寒区旱区环境与工程研究所获硕士学位,现主要从事地质工程和岩土工程方面的研究工作.E-mail:tywangwenli_2005@163.com
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One-dimensional thawing consolidation behavior with periodical thermal boundary

WANG Wenli1,2, WANG Lanmin2, WANG Qian2   

  1. 1. School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730000, China;
    2. Lanzhou Institute of Seismology, China Earthquake Administration, Lanzhou 730000, China
  • Received:2014-03-03 Revised:2014-06-11 Online:2014-08-25 Published:2014-08-23

摘要: 在周期温度边界条件下,冻土呈现出与常温边界不同的融化固结特性. 基于融化固结理论提出了一种适用于周期温度边界条件下融化固结计算的数值模拟方法,并通过试验验证了该方法的有效性. 通过对比分析试验及数值结果表明,提出的数值方法能够很好地描述周期温度边界条件下冻土的融化固结特性. 同时,融化深度和变形均随时间呈现出阶梯型的变化趋势. 这是周期温度边界下土体融化固结行为最显著的特点. 随着冻融次数的增加,融化深度和变形均趋近于常温边界条件下的结果,这表明若干个冻融循环后周期温度边界对融化固结行为的影响将逐渐消失.

关键词: 周期温度边界, 融化固结行为, 数值方法

Abstract: Compared with constant thermal boundary problem, frozen soil shows a completely different thawing consolidation behavior with the condition of periodical thermal boundary. In this paper, a new numerical simulation method was proposed to implement thawing consolidation calculation, and a series of thawing consolidation tests with corresponding thermal boundaries were conducted to verify the validity. It was verified that the predicted results have a good agreement with tested results. At the same time, changing tendencies of thaw depth and deformation both show a ladder-like pattern, which is the most significant feature for thawing consolidation behavior with periodical thermal boundary. With increasing of freezing-thawing cycles, thaw depth and deformation both tend to the values at constant thermal boundary, which implies the influence of periodical thermal boundary will disappear after several freezing-thawing cycles.

Key words: periodical thermal boundary, thawing consolidation behaviour, numerical method


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