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冰川冻土 ›› 2020, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (3): 974-985.doi: 10.7522/j.issn.1000-0240.2019.0075

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石玉东(), 王圣杰(), 张明军, 李昱锋, 宋洋   

  1. 西北师范大学 地理与环境科学学院,甘肃 兰州 730070
  • 收稿日期:2019-04-01 修回日期:2019-10-25 出版日期:2020-10-31 发布日期:2020-12-08
  • 通讯作者: 王圣杰 E-mail:syd_1995@126.com;geowang@126.com
  • 作者简介:石玉东(1995 - ), 男, 羌族, 四川绵阳人, 2018年在西华师范大学获学士学位, 现为西北师范大学在读硕士研究生, 从事生态水文过程研究. E-mail: syd_1995@126.com
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Applicability on the OIPC and RCWIP stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope data in precipitation across the Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang

Yudong SHI(), Shengjie WANG(), Mingjun ZHANG, Yufeng LI, Yang SONG   

  1. College of Geography and Environmental Science,Northwest Normal University,Lanzhou 730070,China
  • Received:2019-04-01 Revised:2019-10-25 Online:2020-10-31 Published:2020-12-08
  • Contact: Shengjie WANG E-mail:syd_1995@126.com;geowang@126.com


降水中氢氧稳定同位素的空间分布是同位素水文学和同位素生态学研究的基础资料, 近年来高空间分辨率的氢氧稳定同位素分布数据产品获得了越来越多的重视。利用新疆天山地区实测降水同位素数据, 评估两套常用的全球降水同位素分布模拟数据(OIPC和RCWIP)的适用性。结果表明: 从时间尺度来看, 两套产品在夏半年(4 - 10月)的模拟效果明显优于冬半年(11月 - 次年3月); 在各自然区中, 准噶尔盆地荒漠自然区的模拟效果相对较好, 而吐鲁番盆地-哈密(戈壁)荒漠自然区模拟效果相对较差。通过均方根误差、 线性判定系数、 平均偏置误差、 平均绝对误差等指标的比较, 在本研究区内RCWIP数据产品对降水同位素值的模拟效果比OIPC的效果好。结合乌鲁木齐多年降水氢氧稳定同位素数据, 发现降水同位素年际变化差异并未明显影响到代表性, 在缺乏长期监测的情况下这两套数据仍有重要的使用价值。

关键词: 降水, 氢氧稳定同位素, 天山, δ18O, 氘盈余


The spatial distribution of stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in precipitation is the basic data in isotope hydrology and isotope ecology. An increasing attention has been paid to the products of stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopes at high spatial resolutions in recent years. In this study, based on the precipitation samples collected at 23 stations across the Tianshan Mountains during 2012 - 2013, applicability of two widely-applied global products is evaluated, including OIPC (the Online Isotopes in Precipitation Calculator) and RCWIP (the Regionalized Cluster-based Water Isotope Prediction). According to the physical geography regionalization of arid land in China, the study area is divided into: (Ⅰ) the Junggar Basin desert area; (Ⅱ) the Ili-Bayanbulak mountain area; (Ⅲ) the Tarim Basin desert area; and (Ⅳ) the Turpan Basin-Hami Gobi desert area. In this paper, the values of root-mean-square error (RMSE), determination coefficient (R2), mean bias error (MBE) and mean absolute error (MAE) were used in comparison between the observed and simulated isotopic composition in precipitation. Results show as follows: (1) On a temporal basis, the simulation of OIPC and RCWIP in the summer half year (from April to October) is obviously better than that in the winter half year (from November to March). Among the natural subregions, the best simulation is seen in the Junggar Basin desert area and the worst is in the Turpan Basin-Hami Gobi desert area. (2) By comparing the evaluation parameters of RMSE, R2, MBE and MAE, RCWIP is generally better than OIPC in this study area. (3) By analyzing the multi-year data of stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in precipitation in Urumqi, the inter-annual variability of precipitation isotopes does not greatly affect the long-term representativeness, and the products are still useful especially when in-situ observations are unavailable.

Key words: precipitation, hydrogen and oxygen isotopes, Tianshan Mountains, δ18O, d-excess


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