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冰川冻土 ›› 2022, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (6): 1925-1934.doi: 10.7522/j.issn.1000-0240.2022.0010

• 冰冻圈水文与水资源 • 上一篇    


胡越中1(), 王广军1(), 杜海波2, 梁四海3, 罗银飞4,5,6, 董高峰4,5,6, 彭红明4,5,6   

  1. 1.中国地质大学(北京) 土地科学技术学院,北京 100083
    2.内蒙古煤田地质局勘测队,内蒙古 呼和浩特 010010
    3.中国地质大学 (北京) 水资源与环境学院,北京 100083
    4.青海省环境地质勘查局,青海 西宁 810007
    5.青海省环境地质重点实验室,青海 西宁 810007
    6.青海省地质环境保护与灾害防治工程技术研究中心,青海 西宁 810007
  • 收稿日期:2020-12-23 修回日期:2021-09-02 出版日期:2022-12-25 发布日期:2023-01-18
  • 通讯作者: 王广军 E-mail:cugb_hyz@outlook.com;cugbwgj@163.com
  • 作者简介:胡越中,硕士研究生,主要从事遥感信息提取研究. E-mail: cugb_hyz@outlook.com
  • 基金资助:

Changes in surface soil mositure during freeze-thaw process under different vegetated status using Sentinel-1A in Beiluhe

Yuezhong HU1(), Guangjun WANG1(), Haibo DU2, Sihai LIANG3, Yinfei LUO4,5,6, Gaofeng DONG4,5,6, Hongming PENG4,5,6   

  1. 1.School of Land Science and Technology,China University of Geosciences (Beijing),Beijing 100083,China
    2.Inner Mongolia Survey Team of Coalfield Geology Bureau,Hohhot 010010,China
    3.School of Water Resources and Environment,China University of Geosciences (Beijing),Beijing 100083,China
    4.Qinghai Bureau of Environmental Geology Exploration,Xining 810007,China
    5.Key Laboratory of Environmental Geology of Qinghai Province,Xining 810007,China
    6.Qinghai Geological Environment Protection and Disaster Prevention Engineering Yechnology Research Center,Xining 810007,China
  • Received:2020-12-23 Revised:2021-09-02 Online:2022-12-25 Published:2023-01-18
  • Contact: Guangjun WANG E-mail:cugb_hyz@outlook.com;cugbwgj@163.com


北麓河流域位于青藏高原腹地多年冻土区,区内受制于活动层土壤冻融过程,地表土壤含水量变化与植被覆盖关系密切。本文协同利用2018年Sentinel-1A多极化SAR与Landsat-8光学遥感时序数据,综合改进的“水云模型”、Oh模型、Dubois模型和Topp公式,完成了北麓河流域2 037.94 km2土壤含水量反演,并基于实测点土壤含水量数据验证了反演精度,回归方程Adjusted-R2为0.6848,RMSE为0.039 cm3·cm-3。从流域尺度研究土壤冻融过程、土壤含水量和植被覆盖关系的结果表明:植被覆盖对活动层冻融过程具有明显的迟滞作用,即植被覆盖度越高,活动层冻结和消融时间越滞后,该结论与前人的实地观测结果基本吻合。表明利用Sentinel-1A年度时序数据,从流域尺度研究土壤冻融过程、土壤含水量和植被覆盖的关系是可行的。

关键词: 北麓河流域, 多年冻土区, 冻融过程, 土壤含水量, 植被覆盖, SAR


Beiluhe basin lies in a permafrost region where is located in the interior of Tibetan Plateau. Ecosystem in the area is subjected to the freeze-thaw process of the active tjaele, and there is conspicuous correlation between soil moisture (SM) and vegetation coverage. To retrieve the soil moisture content of Beiluhe basin with a total area of 2 037.94 km2, a synergistic method, which combined improved water cloud model, Oh, Dubois and Topp model, was presented in this paper base on Sentinel-1A multi-polarization SAR and Landsat-8 time series images data. The accuracy was validated with the in-situ point SM data: Adjusted-R2 of the regression equation is 0.6848, and RMSE is 0.039 cm3·cm-3. The analysis of correlation among freeze-thaw process, SM and vegetation cover from macro watershed scale manifests: Vegetation coverage has a significant delayed effect on the freeze-thaw process of the active tjaele, that is, the higher vegetation coverage, the more lagging freeze-thaw time; These study results are basically consistent with predecessors in-situ observation data, verifying the feasibility of studying correlation among soil freeze-thaw process, SM, and vegetation coverage from the macro watershed scale based on Sentinel-1A annual time series data.

Key words: Beiluhe, permafrost region, freeze-thaw process, soil mositure, vegetation coverage, SAR


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