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冰川冻土 ›› 1983, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (3): 235-241.

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  1. 中国科学院兰州冰川冻土研究所
  • 出版日期:1984-11-25 发布日期:2012-04-26

Glacial Debris Flow in Bogda Area, Tian Shan

Deng Yangxing   

  1. Lamhou Institute of Glaciology and Cryopedology, Academia Sinica
  • Online:1984-11-25 Published:2012-04-26

摘要: 分布于高山冰川与积雪边缘、固体物质主要由新老冰碛和雪崩岩屑所补给、水源依赖于冰雪融水及冰湖溃决水的泥石流称为冰川泥石流。 博格达峰地区既是东天山现代冰川最集中和最发育的地区,也是现代冰川泥石流最活跃的地区之一。兹仅1981年考察所及,就其分布、成因、类型及活动特征等简述于后。

Abstract: The glacial debris flow developes on high mountains of valley glaciers or in border zones of snow covers. It is fed mainly by loose solid material of actual as well as ancient moraine or scree material of avalanches and its water source comes from the meltwater of glaciers or the water of bursting moraine dammed lakes. The debris flow of this type is called glacial debris flow.The Bogda region is situated in the Bogda anticlinorium of the Tian Shan fold belt. Strong neotectonic movement, frequent earthquake, development of fold and fault, intensive periglacial action, and repeated glaciation and avalanche erosion provide sufficient solid material for the formation of glacial debris flow. The Bogda Mountains rising abruptly with steep slopes covered by hanging glacier and numerous moraines supply favourable landscape for the outburst of glacial debris flow and its movement. Moreover, the abundant annual rainfall, strong accumulation and ablation of glacier, widely developed avalanches with frequent burst and plentiful supply of melt water all meet the needs of sufficient stream and promote the occurrence of glacial debris flow. The main characteristics of glacial debris flow in the Bogda area may be summed up as follows:1) Widely distributed and mainly situated on the sourthern slope of the Mt. Bogda and below the avalanche cone.2) With complete types of glacial debris flow, having both valley and slope types, glacial and avalanche type, structural and turbulent types.3) Intermittent bursting of glacial debris flow with activities alternatively high and low.4) Close correlation between the activities of glacial debris flow and the retreat of glacier.