冰川冻土 ›› 1984, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (2): 1-14.

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施雅风1, 郑本兴1, 苏珍1, 牟昀智2   

  1. 1. 中国科学院兰州冰川冻土研究所;
    2. 兰州大学
  • 收稿日期:1980-10-15 修回日期:1983-10-26 出版日期:1985-05-25 发布日期:2012-04-26

Study of Quaternary Glaciation in Mts. Tomur-Hantengri Area,Tian Shan

Shi Yafeng1, Zheng Benxing1, Su Zhen1, Mu Yunzhi2   

  1. 1. Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology and Cryapedology, Academia Sinica;
    2. Department of Geology and Geogrphy, Lanzhou University
  • Received:1980-10-15 Revised:1983-10-26 Online:1985-05-25 Published:2012-04-26

摘要: 天山丰富的第四纪冰川遗迹,表明冰期时天山冰川规模远较今日为大,不少冰川伸展到山麓地带,长达数十公里至百余公里,给新疆的自然环境以巨大影响。由于地壳运动和气候变化,天山经历了多次冰期和间冰期。自二十世纪初B.A.奥布鲁契夫[1、2]、G.麦茨巴赫[3、4]等提出天山冰期可分为二至三次以来,中外学者相继注意到这个问题。

Abstract: In the Mts. Tomur-Hantengri area, there are not only numerous enormous existing glaciers but also very rich remnants of ancient glaciers.Investigations of glacial and interglacial stratification on the southern slope of Mt. Tomur-Hantengri area in 1973, 1974 and 1978 found that the remnants of ancient glaciers in early Pleistocene of this area are older than those of the Keketaibushuang Glaciation. According to field observations and the mineral,soil-chemical and spore-pollen analyses,the glaciations may be divided into four stages in the Pleistocene,i.e. Ahebulong,Keketaibushuang, Tailan and Pochengzi; and a Tugebieliqi Neoglaciation in the Holocene. Comparison with other areas in Tian Shan mountain has been made.