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冰川冻土 ›› 2006, Vol. 28 ›› Issue (4): 602-606.

• 寒区工程与技术 • 上一篇    下一篇


康军1, 喻文兵2, 郭明3, 李国玉2   

  1. 1. 甘肃省交通厅, 甘肃, 兰州, 730030;
    2. 中国科学院, 寒区旱区环境与工程研究所冻土工程国家重点实验室, 甘肃, 兰州, 730000;
    3. 中国科学院, 寒区旱区环境与工程研究所, 甘肃, 兰州, 730000
  • 收稿日期:2006-05-15 修回日期:2006-06-07 出版日期:2006-08-25 发布日期:2012-04-26
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Road Icing in Gansu Province and Its Mitigation

KANG Jun1, YU Wen-bing2, GUO Ming3, LI Guo-yu2   

  1. 1. Traffic Office of Gansu Province, Lanzhou Gansu 730030, China;
    2. State Key Laboratory of Frozen Soil Engineering, CAREERI, CAS, Lanzhou Gansu 730000, China;
    3. Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Acadeny of Science, Lanzhou, Gansu 730000, China
  • Received:2006-05-15 Revised:2006-06-07 Online:2006-08-25 Published:2012-04-26

摘要: 甘肃省大部分地区位于寒冷地区,各种道路冻害十分严重.通过调研,分析了甘肃省道路冰锥分布、发生机理及危害,针对冰锥类型提出了相应的防治措施.甘肃省道路冰锥主要分布在甘南高原、祁连山区及东段的乌鞘岭地区.冰锥类型多样,威胁道路安全的冰锥类型主要为工程活动诱发冰锥,其次是天然形成的山坡冰锥.在213国道合作-郎木寺改建工程中利用了提高路基、排水沟与涵洞结合、渗水盲沟及改变水流方向等方法防治道路冰锥,效果理想.

关键词: 甘肃, 道路, 冰锥, 防治技术

Abstract: In Gansu Province there are many areas in cold regions.From the field investigation and analysis,the distribution,formation mechanism and damages of the icing are revealed.The measures for icing controlling are presented.Icing in Gansu Province is mainly located in the Gannan Plateau,Qilian Mountains,Wusao Mountain and Tianshui Prefecture.The icing damage to road is the human activity-induced one in Gansu Province.The average altitude of the Road G213 from Hezuo to Langmusi is about 2 950~3 620 m a.s.l.The maximum freezing depth in this area is 1.42 m.Designers have adopted some different engineering measures to mitigate the road icing in accordance with the engineering conditions,such as raising the embankment,building drainage ditch,culvert,blind ditch and changing the flow direction of water.It is proved that these measures are efficient to road icing controlling.

Key words: Gansu Province, road, icing, engineering measures


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