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冰川冻土 ›› 2017, Vol. 39 ›› Issue (5): 1029-1038.doi: 10.7522/j.issn.1000-0240.2017.0403

• 冰冻圈与全球变化 • 上一篇    下一篇


王乃昂1, 赵井东2, 余莺潇1, 于昕冉1, 张文佳1   

  1. 1. 兰州大学 资源环境学院, 甘肃 兰州 730000;
    2. 中国科学院 西北生态环境资源研究院, 甘肃 兰州 730000
  • 收稿日期:2017-10-11 修回日期:2017-10-20 出版日期:2017-10-25 发布日期:2018-01-27
  • 作者简介:王乃昂(1962-),男,山东郓城人,教授,1997年在兰州大学获博士学位,从事气候环境变化研究.E-mail:wangna@lzu.edu.cn.
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The gradually improving scientific research paradigm on Quaternary glaciation in China: a review of the 4th Conference on Quaternary Glaciation and Environmental Variation in China

WANG Nai'ang1, ZHAO Jingdong2, YU Yingxiao1, YU Xinran1, ZHANG Wenjia1   

  1. 1. College of Earth and Environment Science, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730000, China;
    2. Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou 730000, China
  • Received:2017-10-11 Revised:2017-10-20 Online:2017-10-25 Published:2018-01-27

摘要: 冰川是气候变化敏感的指示器,第四纪冰川研究在地球科学中占有重要的地位。2017年8月,第四届中国第四纪冰川与环境变化研讨会在兰州成功举办。与会专家认为,地貌学与沉积地层学的结合以及测年技术的发展,使中国第四纪冰期划分研究取得长足进展,不仅建立了80万年以来可与MIS进行比对的中国第四纪冰期与间冰期演化序列,还推动了中国第四纪环境变化研究的深入。通过研讨和交流,绝大多数专家认为中国东部中低山地某些疑似的第四纪冰川遗迹完全可以用非冰川成因予以解释,在今后的研究工作中应加强岩石地貌、气候地貌和外动力地貌过程的综合研究,尤其需要加强诸如颤痕等微观冰蚀地貌的分类、形成机制和环境意义研究。适时指出泛冰川论的缺陷和不足是本领域科学家的历史责任和使命担当,进一步开展具备科学事实、科学理论和科学观念的研究,从而完善中国第四纪冰川理论。建议国家级学会组织编制第四纪冰川遗迹调查与评价技术规范,加强全国高校自然地理学等相关专业的教师培训工作,同时加大冰川学、地貌学的科学普及力度。

关键词: 第四纪冰川, 环境变化, 范式, 冰川地貌, 颤痕, 技术规范

Abstract: Glaciers are sensitive to climate change and have been called as landmass thermometer by some scholars. The Quaternary glaciation research has a significant position in earth sciences. In August 2017, the 4th Conference on Quaternary Glaciation and Environmental Variation in China had been held successfully in Lanzhou. The attendees considered that the combination of geomorphology and stratigraphy, as well as some new dating techniques, had effectively promoted the Quaternary glaciation research in China (e.g., the comparison between glacial-interglacial cycles and marine oxygen isotope stages in the past 800 ka in China). Through the academic discussions, most of the attendees and some experts argued some questionable glacial landforms in eastern China (east to 105° E), especially in the middle-low mountain areas, which could be explained by non-glaciogenic. Additionally, the experts demonstrated that comprehensive research of petrographic geomorphology, climatic geomorphology and exogenic process needs to be strengthened in the future, especially the classification, formation mechanisms and environmental significance studies of microscale glacial erosion landforms, such as chatter mark. It was said that it is time for the scientists in this field to shoulder the historical responsibility and to correct the defects and deficiencies of the extensive-glacial theory in eastern China, which will help us to do further research on scientific facts, scientific theories and scientific concepts, in the end, the Quaternary glaciation theory in China will be improved. It was strongly recommended that one of the national academic organization should compile technical specifications for the Quaternary glaciation research and evaluation. In addition, more work should be done to train the related teachers in universities and colleges throughout the country. At the same time, the glaciology, Quaternary glaciation and glacial geomorphology should be popularized and publicized.

Key words: Quaternary glaciation, environmental variation, paradigm, glacial landform, chatter mark, technical specification


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